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About the Fire Emblem Compendium

The Fire Emblem Compendium was started in August 2017 by Yayster (@YaysterArt). The aim of the project was to draw every single major Fire Emblem character. It became more wildly successful than we’d ever imagined, with a growing community sharing and helping each other with their work, and we completed the project in three months.

The project was also intended to be very inclusive; artists of any skill level were invited to take part, and show their appreciation for their favourite characters. We’re so proud of what everybody achieved.

We look forward to doing more projects in the future – including expanding the Compendium for FE16!

You can view the full gallery here!

Check out the video made by History of the Emblem below to find out a little bit more about who we are, and our backstory!



Here’s what participants had to say…

“I first joined the FE Compendium community pretty early on – I had seen the posts Yayster made about possibly starting it (including the original “hardcore mode: draw every FE character” tweet that started it all) and I was excited to join in from the get-go! I was able to get into the Compendium chat before most people, to the point that I was actually the first to post in the “completed art” channel.

It’s been absolutely amazing to see the community grow together, and especially to see such a large project completed in so little time when we thought it would take so much longer! I personally hadn’t done anything for such a large project before, and on top of that hadn’t done much in the way of finished pieces either – but even when I needed a little extra time or some help fixing something that didn’t look quite right, the mods or the community at large were ready and willing to assist. It really gave me the energy to keep going even when I was running low, and having a piece displayed in the gallery is a fantastic feeling – especially getting to see it alongside other pieces from all sorts of different artists!

The FE Compendium community has really made room for itself in my heart, and I’ll always look back on the times we had together with fondness. I’m eagerly awaiting the new opening for FE16!”

– softcerb


“Being able to get myself out to the public while still contributing to such a large project with a favorite of mine was such a great honor. I got to meet so many people through being a part of the Compendium, and I’m really thankful for that! Thank you all!”

– ValliteKinshi


“This was such an amazing event to be a part of!! Being able to try out new techniques and interacting with the community here…. making new friends…. thank you (and the mod squad) so much!!”

– Gray


“It was certainly an event and introduced me to a lot of my favourite FE fanartists. Thank you to you and the amazing team for putting this all together!”

– Mike_H_Art