Appears In:

  • Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

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Artist’s Thoughts:

I’m glad to have been able to make a new piece for the compendium! I love Carlyle as a minor antagonist, he’s tremendously well written and believable, and he’s a perfect example of an anti-villain character archetype. He’s yet another victim to Caellach’s and, by extension, Fomortiis’s wicked manipulation. Even though he fiercely threatened Caellach for taking Ismaire away from him, he was powerless to do anything but fight and perish in the assault on Jehanna. There’s a heavy tragedy to that, especially knowing he didn’t realize Ismaire had been killed, and that his student Joshua can potentially fight and slay his former master. I’d have loved to be able to recruit him in the postgame to Sacred Stones alongside the other boss units, but at least I get to express my appreciation for his character here!

Character Quote:

“The first time I met you, twenty years ago now… I saw you in the garden of this very palace… and I was bewitched. Your pale beauty far surpassed that of any flower. I was in the grips of an unforgivable desire. You were the wife of my king, to whom I’d sworn life and loyalty. I told myself a grand lie that day. I told myself I could be happy simply serving you as your most loyal knight.”