Community Spotlight: RacecarArt

Community Spotlight August 2018: RacecarArt

Congratulations to the first to feature in our Community Spotlight – RacecarArt! So many people nominated her that it was a huge no-brainer. 😉 We sat down with RacecarArt to ask some questions… find out what she said below!


How did you first get into Fire Emblem?

My husband and I happened to find a new copy of Awakening back in 2014 and I ended up falling in love with it. I love the characters, the music, the gameplay, and the fact that I could make it so no one dies! I had attempted to play FE7 some years before, but stopped when I realized that death was permanent, and I was not emotionally capable of handing that. 😀

Hector as a chicken


Who is your favourite Fire Emblem character and why?

L’Arachel! She’s always so cheery and hammy and willing to help out. I relate to her attempts at heroics and even occasional depth. Plus she’s adorable! <3


What is your favourite thing about the Fire Emblem community?

I love the enthusiasm the fans have for their favorites, and the sheer variety of favorites among fans. Everyone is more than willing to share why they love the characters or games that they do, and every person has their own unique tastes and experiences. With so many games and characters it’s tough to get bored of the community! 🙂

Valter and Cormag


Is there anybody in the community you would like to give a shout-out?

I can’t narrow it down that much, so here’s a bunch off the top of my head: Okkefac, Wishes, Brynilusart, Snowsthetics, Robotortoise, Jay, and ENS. I wanna give special mention to RisingSunfish, because she’s a huge inspiration to me both artistically and as a person. She’s smart, she’s hilarious, and an absolute joy to be around. <3


What are your hopes for Fire Emblem: Three Houses? Are you excited by what you have seen so far?

Honestly, I just hope that it has good characters. The characters are what draws me to Fire Emblem the most and I always love adding new entries to my favorites list. I really like the scope of the battles shown off, the character design, and the song, but like a lot of people I do hope they improve the cutscenes. Otherwise though, I am stoked. 😀


What other interests do you have outside of Fire Emblem?

Comics! I’m a big fan of DC and horror comics, like Hellboy and Harrow County. I’m also a big fan of dinosaurs, animals (especially bats), heavy metal, old movies, and Ace Attorney.


What’s the piece of art you’re most proud of, and where can others find your work?

You can find me on Twitter as RacecarArt and on Instagram as RacecarArtStudio. My favorite piece I’ve ever made is a watercolor painting of tigers I made in 2011, not too long before I graduated high school. It was the first time I really felt comfortable with the media I was working with and was able to create something that really fit what I was going for.


Thank you, RacecarArt! We’re excited to feature many more members of the Fire Emblem community in future!