Guidelines & FAQs

Does my art have to be in a particular medium?

– Art can be digital or traditional, anything goes!

How many characters can I draw?

– Each character will be drawn once (with the exception of characters who have multiple and very different designs, e.g. Ike, male/female Robin). In these cases, all alternate designs will be available to reserve.

– You can draw as many characters as you like for the project (in fact, drawing multiples would be very helpful as there are so many!) but you may only reserve one character at a time. As of the current time you cannot change your reserve outside of special circumstances (i.e. if we make a  mistake. ;))

How long do I have to draw my character?

– You can reserve a character for two weeks. If you do not draw the character within this time period, the character will be released and somebody else will be able to reserve them. Make sure to keep track of your cut-off date on the spreadsheet.

Can I use artwork I’ve already drawn?

– For now, we’re going to say no – all artwork should be specifically drawn for the project. It’s just much more fun that way! If this changes, we’ll let you know.

What are the guidelines for submissions?

– Dimensions/format information can be found on the template page.

– Clear effort must be put into all submissions (essentially, we won’t accept stick figures/quick MS Paint art). We understand that everybody has different levels of ability, but it should be clear that time and effort has gone into your piece!

– Blank canvas submissions for Kellam will not be accepted.

– …sorry, I had to.

– All submissions must be SFW (suitable for work), as far as a character’s design allows it.

– Please stick to the characters’ official designs. Modern AUs etc. are great, but they’re very personal takes on characters!

– All artwork must be your own and not traced/overlaid from official artwork.

– All submissions must be placed on the template provided. However, if you’d like to create a larger version of your artwork, you are more than welcome to! If you send this through, we will add an additional link to it.

How do I submit my finished work?

– When you have completed your piece, please complete the submission form so we can add it to the list. Feel free to share it anywhere you like! Use the hashtag #fecompendium to make it easier for others to find.

When I submit my artwork, do I retain my rights?

– Yes. Artists will retain full rights to their artwork, and can request that it is removed from the gallery at any time.

Will there be a physical zine for this project?

– There are no current plans for a zine, but if there is enough interest it may be considered. For now, it is a digital gallery.

Can I share my artwork elsewhere?

– Of course! Feel free to share your art anywhere you like – it’s yours, after all! You can use the hashtag #fecompendium to make it easier for others to find.

If I’ve submitted but want to change/update my entry afterwards, can I do so?

– You can! Just resubmit via the form on the website and let us know it’s a resubmission.

When is the deadline date for the project?

– There is no deadline/completion date for the project, as there is no physical product involved (however this may be liable to change depending on how the project progresses). For now, just consider it an ongoing thing!

And finally…

– This is not a place to bully people or disparage the quality of others’ art. The project is open to amateurs through to professionals, and we don’t expect the community to be rude about anybody’s work. This doesn’t bar constructive criticism, which is always useful for artists of any calibre, but is intended to prevent unwarranted harassment. If you are found to be doing this, we may have to issue a ban from participation in the project.


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