Appears In:

  • Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

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Artist’s Thoughts:

I’m glad to have participated in this project, even if it’s only the reopening! It’s funny, I think I remember seeing something about the initial opening but at the time I hadn’t really taken strides into art or the fire emblem community as much. So I’d never have expected myself to participate at the time.

I was a little surprised at getting a crusader for the random pick after my main two were already taken but it worked out! On the lucky side, Heim has two reference pictures rather than the single bust like the other crusaders (though unfortunately the second wasn’t much help hue)

Not being sure about colors, I opted to lean towards the worn look of the original art of the crusaders and bring in the original attack sprite for the Naga tome. I hope you like it!

Character Quote:

“And with the Book of Naga in hand, Saint Heim prays to the heavens; Prayer invokes light, and from the light emerges the white dragon who confronts the dragon of darkness.”