Find out about the projects run by the Compendium community, both past and ongoing.


FECChallenge 100 (February – March 2020)

FECChallenge100 is a pay-what-you-want, free to join digital zine based on a selection of prompts from the previous FE Compendium Challenges, in support of Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery! This aids the relief efforts in the recent Australian fires, and is where we will send all profits donated by the community.



Where’s Walhart? (September – October 2018)

Where’s Walhart is a large-scale collaborative drawing based around the Fire Emblem series. Think Where’s Waldo – you all know the puzzles – but with a Fire Emblem twist! We challenged the community to draw their favourite Fire Emblem character as part of a huge, fun collaborative canvas. Over 500 artists took part!



The Compendium Yearbook (August 2018)

To celebrate our one year anniversary, we created a yearbook featuring the artists on our Discord server! It’s filled with portraits and witty quotes, and we hope you’ll discover a whole host of new artists by looking through it!



Fire Emblem Tarot (February-July 2018)

We challenged ourselves to make a Fire Emblem tarot deck, including a booklet and deck box! While it was a smaller project in terms of artists (there are around 80 cards), anybody was welcome to join in and draw illustrations for the booklet, no matter their skill level or experience!



Secret Anna 2017 (October-December 2017)

Our first Secret Santa, this 280-person gift exchange was a real challenge! If you want to see some of the amazing pieces submitted to this, check out the #secretanna hashtag on Twitter, or have a look at the Secret Anna Twitter account – @FESecretSanta. Thanks goes out especially to our backup artists who helped provide presents for those who had to drop out!



The Fire Emblem Compendium (August-November 2017)

The original Fire Emblem Compendium began on 19th August 2017 and ran until just after Thanksgiving the same year. A group of artists (amost 700!) of all different backgrounds and skill levels got together to draw 730 Fire Emblem characters across every game in the series. To find out more about this project, visit the About page or check out the Gallery to see the images!