Compendium Yearbook

The FE Compendium Yearbook

What is the FEC Yearbook?

The Fire Emblem Compendium Yearbook is just that, really – a yearbook celebrating the community and its achievements over the one year that it’s been open! And just like a real yearbook, the FEC Yearbook will include a great many ways for the community to express and celebrate itself, including an avatar line-up showcasing our “Class of 2018” and blurbs about what we as a fandom can do when we come together!

The templates for your avatar, including your choice of colour for a border and (optional) background element, can be downloaded below!



Does this project have sign-ups or a limit to entries?

Not at all! No sign-ups are required. It’s entirely optional if you want to take part, and we won’t have a limit on how many people can. 🙂 All you need to do is submit your piece when you’re done!


What should my picture be? Does it need to be a picture of myself?

Anything you like (within reason!) You can draw a self-portrait, a FE character, an animal, or a character from another series entirely! Let your imagination run wild and draw what best represents you!


Do I have to draw my own avatar for the yearbook?

We prefer you to draw your own avatar if possible. Regardless of your art skill or what type of visual art form you use, so long as you are able to produce something to represent yourself, it’s encouraged that you do so! If you are unable to draw your own piece, you are allowed to use photos, so long as they are not a photo of yourself or another human being.

However, if you truly cannot produce your own visual art, you may use official art from any source, even if it is unrelated to Fire Emblem. If you do this, you must provide a source for the image that you are using.


What are the guidelines for avatar submissions?

  • The avatar should be submitted as a 200 x 200 px PNG file. If you would prefer to draw on a larger canvas (which we’re guessing you will!), feel free to do so and shrink it down to fit the template once it’s finished!
  • All images must be SFW (suitable for work). Any images you use must either be your own, a photo that does not contain the face of a person, or official artwork only.
  • All official artwork must be sourced by providing the media name (e.g. Cipher) and/or official artist.
  • You can use whichever colour template you like from the provided borders and backgrounds, including mixing and matching, drawing your own background, or having no background at all. However, please do include one of the borders in your finished image.


How do I submit my avatar?

You can submit your avatar using the form below, along with other fun information! 😉


When is the deadline date for the yearbook?

All images must be submitted by August 17, 2018 to be shown in the project’s debut on August 19, 2018.

Download the templates (Google Drive)

Frames (six colours to choose from)
Backgrounds (optional – just in case you don’t want to draw your own!)


Submit your yearbook entry