Fire Emblem Tarot

Fire Emblem Tarot

You approach the woman with caution. She smiles, and puts her finger to her lips; you swear you’ve seen her before somewhere.

“Here,” she says, placing in front of you a deck of cards. “Let me tell you your fortune…”

Welcome to the Fire Emblem Tarot project! We’re getting together to create a Fire Emblem-themed tarot deck, along with a box design and booklet, and we’d love you to join us on this endeavour!


What is tarot?

A tarot deck is special pack of cards, now used mainly for fortune-telling, consisting of 78 cards (4 suits of 14 cards each (the minor arcana), and 22 other cards (the major arcana). Anybody who has looked at tarot cards will have seen some of their beautiful imagery, which was our inspiration for this project.

Examples from Druid Craft Tarot

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