Emblem Arcana – FAQ

Check here for updates on the project!


When do pre-orders close?

Pre-orders close on May 26th 2018.


When is delivery of the decks expected?

Currently we are expecting delivery of the decks on 18th July. If this changes, you’ll hear about it first on the FE Compendium Twitter account.


Where are deliveries coming from?

Deliveries are being sent from the United Kingdom.


Does it matter when in the pre-order period I place my order?

No. All orders will be shipped out within a short timeframe. We’ll do our best to get you yours as soon as possible!


Do orders come with tracking?

Shipping prices given did not include tracking. However, we have had several requests for a tracking option, and are happy to announce that we can now provide tracking if you would like this on your parcel. To upgrade to tracking costs $6.50 (USD). If you would like your parcel to be tracked, please visit our PayPal and leave your order number and name with your payment.

All requests must be made by 18th July at the latest. Thank you! (If you are from a country outside the US, Canada, Europe or Australia, please email us at fecompendium@gmail.com and we can discuss tracking for your region).


Is a digital version of the product available?

We do not have a digital version available publicly, however we will be sending out a free digital version of the booklet to the artists who participated when pre-orders close.


So, about that booklet… what’s in it?

The booklet is 24 pages in A5 and contains:

  • Guidelines for using your tarot deck
  • Example tarot spreads
  • Card meanings
  • Artist credits
  • …and of course, artwork by over 100 artists in the Fire Emblem fandom!


What is the size of the tarot cards?

As of the time of writing, each card is 2.75 inches by 4.75 inches. If this changes, this page will be updated accordingly.


Which charity is being donated to?

We are going to be donating any and all profits to CURE Childhood Cancer. No profit is being made by the FE Compendium team. 🙂


Will the deck be sold again at a later date?

There are no plans to do a second run due to the complexity of the project.


Can I buy multiple decks?

Yes, but please be aware the deck is strictly not for resale, and that adding multiple decks will increase your shipping costs accordingly.


Will the deck be sold at conventions?

No, however if you do spot one of the artists involved at a convention, make sure to support their work! <3


Will the deck be updated in the future to contain characters from new Fire Emblem titles?

No, this is very much a product of its time! However, the Compendium will be expanding to include these games!