Emblem Arcana – Updates!

Keep up to date with the progress on Emblem Arcana! Pre-orders are in, and we’re working hard to get the decks to you as soon as possible! We also recommend keeping up to date with us on our Twitter, and make sure to check our FAQ!

28th July: All parcels have now been shipped!

Remember that we’re shipping from the UK – please allow time for delivery to your country. 🙂


18th July – the cards are here! And they’re so beautiful…

12th July – pouches, complete with shiny foil emblem! 🙂


23rd June – boxes, boxes and more boxes!


22nd June – check out our “sticker station!”


11th June – the booklets are here, and they look fab!


4th June – the charms have arrived!


1st June – do you think we have enough packing peanuts? 😉


31st May – final print proofs for the cards are signed off! Our cards will be coming with metallic ink, meaning the gold areas will catch the light!


26th May – the early bird pins arrive! These will be sent to customers who ordered before 9:22pm GMT on the 14th April.


May – a sneak preview of the booklet! Booklets will be arriving here on 11th June ready for shipping with the decks in July!