Download the template



Format and submission guidelines

  • The template size is 800x1000px. If you’d like to draw a larger image please feel free to do so – when you submit there is the option to link to a larger version, too!
  • All images must be submitted as PNGs.
  • Please feel free to sign images or add your username/the character name to the lozenge below the picture! If you’d prefer not to use a lozenge, a version without one is linked above.
  • You can use whichever colour template you like from the list above; there are no restrictions per character. Go wild 🙂
  • Images do not require backgrounds. It’s up to you whether you want to draw one or use a flat colour. Check the examples below for images with and without backgrounds!

As with all images submitted to this project, the rights remain firmly with the artist, and you can request that an image is removed at any time.



Thank you to @24914x (Male Robin) and @tomentomob (Tobin) for helping with examples!