Appears In:

  • Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade
  • Fire Emblem Cipher

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Artist’s Thoughts:

I remember Wallace as a battle-hardened badass general with a poor sense of direction. That, and the awesome GBA general sprite, are why I chose to draw Wallace.

But there is much to his character beyond that: a ferocious lust for battle, a desire to constantly improve and challenge himself, a deep wisdom that he imparts on others, and an enthusiastic, if not over-zealous, belief in his training regime that he wrote down in the “Manual of Knightly Prowess.” Perhaps most important, though, is his perspective on knighthood. To Wallace, knighthood is about loyalty and service to his lord, but that loyalty lies not in just obedience, but in doing what he believes will truly best serve his lord’s interest, even if it means taking a different path.

It’s that kind of nuance to the characters that made them memorable and made me fall in love with Fire Emblem back in the GBA era.

Character Quote:

“For knights in the service of a lord, an order is absolute. But a knight does not follow orders blindly. Before obeying, a knight should always consider whether the order serves the lord who gives it.”