Where's Walhart?

The Fire Emblem community’s largest canvas


It’s a turbulent time in the kingdom of Valm. Their illustrious leader, Walhart, was summoned to the land of Askr to assist in their battle. But now there is no sign of him, and the citizens are growing worried. Could he have been slain in the field of battle? Captured by the enemy? Or perhaps he’s surrounded by Heroes having all sorts of fun!

It falls to you to enter Askr and find out once and for all… Where’s Walhart?


Where’s Walhart is a collaborative, Fire Emblem-themed canvas based on the Where’s Waldo series. It’s your task to find the hiding Walhart among all the other colourful inhabitants of Askr!

Over 500 artists took part in the project; on behalf of all of us, a huge thank you to each and every one of you who helped make it such a huge success. Check the links below to see (or download!) the final map image, and make sure to take a look at the artist credits to find out who drew each character! You might just find some new inspirations…

View the map    artist credits

(map image is 46MB and best viewed on non-mobile devices. Opens in Google Drive).

If you’re after some Walhart-themed fun, you might want to try our finders’ checklist. Can you find these ten things on the Where’s Walhart map?