Appears In:

  • Fire Emblem Fates
  • Fire Emblem Cipher

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Artist’s Thoughts:

I’ve always been sorry Zola didn’t get more screen time in-game, he’s such an interesting character. He’s Sméagol with a spell tome: concerned first and foremost with his own survival, to the point that he ‘s not above resorting to the most underhanded tactics to ensure it (but then, I think most people would be if they had to work for someone as scary as King Garon), but still holding a lingering trace of loyalty to the hero who shows him clemency. I feel like he could have been a cool unit to recruit, if the roster hadn’t been so extensive already; a support log of 71 characters already makes for a lot of grinding without adding a seventy-second, haha. This was actually my first time using curvilinear perspective, or incorporating digital elements into the colouring process along with my usual markers, so it’s been a bit of an adventure, haha ^^; Mages are really fun to draw, and villains are really REALLY fun to draw, so I had an absolute blast doing this, thank you! 😀

Character Quote:

“Well, we haven’t even reached the punchline yet. I’m not Izana. Boom.”